Rose McGowan calls out Ben Affleck

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 11, 2017 15:18:49 October 11, 2017 15:18:49

Ben Affleck released a statement yesterday about the Harvey Weinstein situation. And then Rose McGowan called him a liar:


So she’s saying he would have known. And many of you have pointed out that he was with Gwyneth Paltrow after she and Brad Pitt broke up. Wouldn’t Gwyneth have told him? I’m not sure we’ll ever get confirmation about what G said to Ben about Harvey. But what seems the most certain is that he and Rose were at a press conference and she told him about Harvey’s grossness. And he continued to have a friendly relationship with Harvey afterwards and suggested that he had no knowledge of what Harvey was doing to women. To be clear, Ben, in his statement, never says point blank that “I did not know” but the outrage he’s expressing implies that it was a shock to him, therefore a surprise, and not tacit condoning as is being speculated now. That, of course, connects to Matt Damon and his statement to Deadline about his obliviousness to it. Matt says he never saw anything.

I can understand the instinct to want to put distance between yourself and a person who’s done something that’s so ugly, so abhorrent. I can understand the worry about being associated with that person. This is human. Most people in these situations want to protect themselves. That said, given how far and wide Harvey Weinstein’s influence has reached, and in light of all this reporting and what it has exposed, how it’s made obvious the need to confront the system and its systemic flaws, what would it look like if and when those who are active members of that system could address how they, in a way, were challenged by the power imbalance too? What would the reaction be if someone actually said, yes, I was aware of Harvey’s habits and I was afraid to say something because he was so intimidating and I didn’t want to compromise what I was working on and it was wrong, I know it was, but I just couldn’t find the courage, I just didn’t want to lose everything and he would have threatened me with that. Would that make a difference? 

Going forward for Ben Affleck, given that his movie, Justice League, is coming out in a month, as I mentioned yesterday, he’s going to be in front of the media, even if it is in a limited capacity. And this Harvey Weinstein story is the biggest story in entertainment right now. Bigger than Batman. Right now, Ben Affleck is making no headlines about being Batman. He’s making headlines in connection to Harvey and… well… there’s also this:

The studio is probably hoping that a few weeks from now, Harvey will recede to the back page. But will Ben be asked to address this once again? There are some who think that a movie junket is no place to talk about these matters, not when there are only 4 minutes per reporter for most outlets. At the same time, when Ben and Matt and major celebrities say that we need to be having these conversations, will it always be at a time of their choosing and convenience, and if that’s the case, what else do they get to choose? 


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