Where will Lilibet be christened? Royal reporters are trying to start gossip about it and by gossip I mean they’re basically reporting that the senior British royals have denied Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s request (if they did actually make the request) to have Lilibet christened in Windsor where her big brother, Archie, was christened and all of this seems to be building to their main point which is to shout at top of their lungs… “nah nah nah ha ha ha”. Which… she’s a baby?! (Cele|bitchy) 


The Golden Globe Awards are not happening this year. Well, they are, but they won’t be televised. Still, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will be giving out awards to honour what they consider to be the best performances of the year. Perhaps this is their way of proving that they’re not just in it to have dinner with celebrities. (Dlisted) 

I posted earlier today about Jennifer Lopez really feeling herself in brown all weekend and there were pops of brown in the new Valentino collection that are really pretty and dramatic so brown is not going away next season. Interestingly there was a lot of purple too and I’ve just decided that purple + brown is a colour combination that I would like to explore more of in my wardrobe. (Go Fug Yourself) 


I LOVE Home Alone. The first movie still makes me laugh. Like the physical comedy of it kills. And I did not know they were remaking it with a British boy and new villains and…. I just… don’t want to sound like a crabby old hag but, like, does Gen Z actually want this because I feel like they’d be down with the OG?! (Pajiba) 

A plagiarism scandal is rocking the cookbook world – because Elizabeth Haigh, a star chef, lifted multiple recipes and personal anecdotes from other cookbook writers and culinary experts. This is a really interesting discussion about process, citation, and culture and the complicated issue of how to credit food and its preparation. (Eater London)