I got an email yesterday after Page Six reported that Ruth Negga and Dominic Cooper have ended their relationship from someone who was sad about it because they were really into them as a couple and I had to check myself because…should I be more sad about it? Like I’m not HAPPY or anything. But I can’t say that there was an investment there – not that it’s any of our goddamn business, really, to be invested in any of these relationships. But that’s the mystifying alchemy of celebrity.  

Anyway, apparently Ruth and Dominic’s relationship had “run its course”. It’s been eight years. And an Amanda Seyfried in between. And conveniently, Dominic just worked with Amanda again on Mamma Mia. So… 


Amanda’s now married to Thomas Sadoski and they have a child. They also met while working together on a play while Thomas was married to someone else. So…


Sorry. I can’t get myself hard for this. What I am hard for is Ruth being single again. And you know who she just worked with? 

Brad Pitt. On a film called Ad Astra. And I actually wrote about this possibility last October, that Ruth Negga is actually Brad Pitt’s type. She’s beguiling but aloof, and so f-cking sexy. And now Ruth Negga is single. Gossip Genie? Or… someone else? 

The last shots we have of Ruth and Dominic together are from back in December at the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards. Check her out with Andrew Garfield. CUUUUUUUTE.