Ryan Gosling has been filming The Fall Guy in Australia for the last several months and looking very hot while doing so. Guess what? He’s still at it! Here’s The Gos in Sydney filming overnight on a boat. This appears to be some kind of escape/chase sequence, but I am so uninterested in spoiling a movie for myself by decoding set pics. Who cares what’s happening, we’re just here to look at Ryan Gosling in all his Gos glory. 


You know what vibe I’m getting from his Fall Guy look? Drive. Remember how hot he was in Drive? It’s not so much the hair, which is longer and messier here, but the roughed-up look and stern action man face is bringing strong Drive vibes.

The focus of Fall Guy has been largely on Gosling—makes sense, he’s the star—and on co-star Emily Blunt, but the cast for this movie is insane. It also includes Everything Everywhere All At Once breakout Stephanie Hsu, Winston Duke, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Hannah Waddingham. Hot cast alert! We’re in for back-to-back years of Ryan Gosling going on press tours with extremely attractive co-stars; first Barbie this summer, then The Fall Guy next year. I don’t know if The Fall Guy will be good—the TV show was cheesy as hell—but 1) it cannot be worse than The Gray Man, and 2) at least it will have Grade A eye candy. There are worse things in the world.