Ryan Gosling is in Australia shooting The Fall Guy, an adaptation of the 80s show of the same name about a group of stunt performers who are also bounty hunters. So after a few years of not working, Ryan Gosling is now working a LOT. The Gray Man just came out this summer and Netflix is hoping it’ll be a new spy franchise. He also wrapped up principle photography on Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie in the summer and that’s coming out next summer. Now it’s onto The Fall Guy and it was recently announced that he and Margot Robbie will be doing an Oceans Eleven movie together plus he’s also reuniting with Derek Cianfrance for the third time on the Wolfman project. 


As for The Fall Guy, Ryan is working with director David Leitch, who’s just coming off Bullet Train, and you can appreciate why this movie would appeal to him. David was a stunt performer himself, and The Fall Guy is actually a story about stunt performers. Action is his specialty – The Ringer called him the King of Hollywood Action back in August - and he’s worked with some of the biggest stars in the business: Charlize Theron (Atomic Blonde), Keanu Reeves (the John Wick movies), The Rock (Hobbs & Shaw), Brad Pitt (the aforementioned Bullet Train), and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool). Which means he’s now directed both Canadian Ryans – who else is in this exclusive club? Here's Gosling on set last night with long hair that looks pink but I think that’s just an effect of the lighting. 


In other Ryan Gosling news, he was revealed as Gucci’s newest ambassador a few weeks ago. 

For a long time, most of his career, he avoided brand associations and partnerships. That changed with his Tag Heuer collaboration a couple of years ago and now he’s joining the long list of celebrities out here repping Gucci. Not that it doesn’t make sense for him because while he maintains a pretty low profile if he’s not working, when he does show up for work, as the kids say, it’s a drip. Ryan Gosling is rarely a same-black-suit kind of guy on a red carpet. He likes patterns, he likes colour, he likes flair… 


Which we saw during The Gray Man press tour – and perhaps we should have picked up then on the Gucci connection because it was a lot of Gucci:

Better Ryan than Jared f-cking Leto.