When last we checked in with Blade Runner 2049, Ryan Gosling was shilling at CinemaCon. Today, we have a snippet of footage teasing the first trailer premiere in three days. It’s high contrast, ORANGE, and The Gos is looking a bit beat up and bloody. (Nothing will top how messed up he got in Only God Forgives, though.) Of course it’s all very beautiful, as we have come to expect from Denis Villeneuve. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the visuals we’ve seen so far is how different it looks from Arrival. Villeneuve has made back-to-back sci-fi films and they look completely different. That’s quite a feat—directors have visual signatures (that’s the foundation of the auteur theory), but so far Villeneuve’s signature is “extremely handsome compositions” with a side of “isolated figures in wide shots”.

Of course we still don’t know what 2049 is about, but that’s up to the full trailer to reveal. What we do get is a little tease-y line from Robin Wright about how there’s an “order to things”. If you’ve seen the original movie(s), you know the order she’s talking about. If you haven’t, then it’s just a vaguely ominous statement that sets a vaguely ominous tone for the movie, which jives with the vaguely ominous music and Ryan Gosling’s Serious Face. And yet, for all the seriousness on display, I’m not getting the same “taking ourselves too seriously” vibe that I picked up on with The Last Jedi. It’s all in the tone—2049 isn’t trying to convince us of its importance, it’s just trying to hook us with a mysterious threat.

Blade Runner 2049 comes out in October. Lainey has never seen the original. Am sorely tempted to go to Toronto for a movie night in which we watch at least two of the alternate cuts. I have a feeling Lainey would LOVE Sean Young in Blade Runner.