We started the week with Ryan Gosling, let’s end the week with Ryan Gosling. Here is The Gos in New York, promoting The Gray Man—now on Netflix—and stopping by FAO Schwartz for some Barbie stuff. Is Mattel not flinging swag at him, their live-action Ken? If they weren’t before, I bet they do now. He’s in the market for it! 


Not all parents are, Barbie is one of those toys I never buy for the kids in my life because you never know what you’re stepping in with the parents. My mom, for instance, didn’t like Barbie and I never had any as a result. The only Barbies I played with lived at my friends’ houses (one of my friends had the Malibu dream house AND the pink Corvette AND her parents had a copy of Madonna’s Sex on the coffee table, that was THE house to be at). But Ryan Gosling just let it be known Barbie is welcome in his house. 

Also, if Ryan Gosling’s #1 style reference is double denim, then his #2 reference are jackets. He is DEVOTED to jackets. It was ninety in New York yesterday, and he’s out and about in a jacket like it’s autumn where he lives. And he’s not even dewy! What is his secret? What mattifying wonder product is he using to keep his jacket-shine under control? Once again I am begging the dude stars to drop their skin routines, because I want to know how Ryan Gosling is wearing a jacket in this heat and not sweating buckets. 


Here's The Gos on The Tonight Show, talking his instantly iconic Ken look and his jacket devotion: