Did you see Deadpool? A lot of you must have. That was a major box office – in February, which made it all the more remarkable. Deadpool regenerated Ryan Reynolds’ career. And while, in my opinion, the movie doesn’t necessarily hold up on second viewing, what’s undeniable is that from beginning to end, the Deadpool marketing strategy was first class. Irreverent, smart, strategic and while the movie was generally well-received, much of its success came from the way it was promoted. 

Deadpool is no longer a February franchise. The sequel is scheduled for release in May. So, 6 months out, we’re seeing some early promotion…and just in time for… Thanksgiving? 

Deadpool + Thanksgiving? 

Last week, Good Housekeeping announced that Deadpool was a guest contributor in their holiday issue. And that’s where the first poster for the movie was revealed. In Good Housekeeping. 

The issue also includes Wade Wilson’s recipes for D’s Spiced Nuts and Creamy Clam Skinny Dip. 

Once again this clever marketing. Hitting a certain demo without compromising the Deadpool brand, subversive on the surface…but also not really. Because remember, Ryan Reynolds was once a Sexiest Man Alive. He’s married to Blake Lively. His character might be foul-mouthed and obscene, but the MiniVan Majority loves him. 

After the Good Housekeeping release, now they’ve dropped the Deadpool 2 first teaser. It’s opens with an homage. Or a parody. Of Bob Ross. When my husband Jacek and I first started dating, he used to talk all the time about how much he loved Bob Ross. Is this a west coast thing? Ryan Reynolds is from Vancouver too. I never watched it. But on the phone with me this morning, Jacek kept repeating “happy accidents!” 

Anyway, it’s Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool as Bob Ross. And, even if you don’t know Bob Ross, it’s weird and crass and engaging enough that you don’t have to “get” it to enjoy it. So far, Deadpool 2 is matching the top level marketing work of its predecessor. If they keep this up, I wonder what that will mean for the box office.