Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb have been together forever, they’ve been working actors for even longer, Sam is fairly famous and a recent-ish Oscar winner, and yet, I feel like we hardly ever see them. Behold, then, Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb out and about in New York. I draw attention to them largely for their beautiful dog.


That’s a beautiful dog! Why isn’t there a celebrity podcast where celebrities just sit around and talk about their pets? The thing I always want to know about dogs is 1) how much does it shed, and 2) is it easy to train? I cannot abide a poorly trained dog. 

Growing up, we had big dogs and my dad made us do obedience classes so people would not be afraid of our big dogs, so my background with dogs is all about putting the “good” in “good boy”. (I have a cat now in no small part because I am too lazy to put in the effort to train a dog.) I would like Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb to answer one hundred questions about their beautiful dog, starting with “is he a good boy, or the very best boy?”

Sam and Leslie's (probably) very best boy