Filming is now underway on the Sex and the City return, titled And Just Like That, with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon seen out on the streets of New York filming the show… without Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Jones. Which is my one and only curiosity about the series – how will they explain Samantha’s absence? 


Anyway, we have a lot of time to discuss what the show will be and whether or not it will work so for now, let’s just focus on some surface observations and/or presumptions we can make from these photos, starting with the styling, which was always a big part of SATC. My first thought when these shots came out was that they have decided that Miranda will not have red hair. That’s how we always knew Miranda, even though Cynthia Nixon is a natural blonde. So it was deliberate creative choice, to make Miranda a redhead. Cynthia has said that she prefers her natural colour to her character’s colour and now that the characters are older, I suppose they’ve done away with Miranda’s hair signature, and I like it. I like the tone on her, and I really, really like the cut. 

As for the fashion…

It was Patricia Field who was the mastermind behind Sex and the City fashion, who came up with all those iconic looks. Patricia is not the costume designer on And Just Like That because she’s working on Emily in Paris. Will it make a difference for this new series? But also, could a difference really have been made? It was, obviously, a different time when SATC first premiered. The mainstream fashion landscape wasn’t as imaginative, so when Patricia’s imagination was showcased on the series, it stood out from the rest. 


These days though, with Instagram, and with more diversity in fashion, in the two decades since SATC first started on HBO and the increased spectacle of the red carpet and other events like the Met Gala, and with influencers, and Zendaya and Law Roach, and other shows like Euphoria, and Insecure, and Drag Race, and etc etc etc, I don’t know that the fashion of And Just Like That is going to have the impact that the original series had. We may not be tuning into And Just Like That for the outfits anymore the way we used to. Not that the stories were compelling, of course, but the outfits were part of the supporting cast too, right? 

And finally, you’ll note, Charlotte appears to have a new dog. Elizabeth Taylor would have long passed her time, and now, instead of a King Charles Cavalier, Charlotte’s with a bulldog. I feel like Harry Goldenblatt is more of a bulldog kind of guy anyway?