Sarah Jessica Parker opened up her flagship last week in New York. Not the most ideal circumstances, even though NYC is reopening and seems to have a handle on the pandemic right now, but travel is way down still and in the summer you count a lot on tourists for business. Especially SJP, as I’m sure part of the draw for people who want to shop there are doing it because they know her from Sex and the City. Still, as others have found ways to keep working, so has SJP. She was at the shoppe last week meeting customers and was seen popping in yesterday too. 


SJP launched her shoe line a few years ago but I haven’t paid all that much attention. Some people have pointed out that some of the styles resemble the Manolo Blahniks that she wore on the series, at least when she first came out with her collection. I don’t know that anyone’s talking about that now. And I just checked out the website and was surprised initially to see that there are ten pages of shoes. Even though, clicking through, it looks like there are a few repeats, the line is more extensive than I thought. Most of it isn’t my taste but this black patent pump is pretty close to perfect. I just wish it was a liiiiiiittle bit higher. 

In the addition to shoes, did you know that SJP also does wine? Her first sauvignon blanc was launched in 2019 with Invivo X and she just did a virtual blend with her collaborators from New Zealand. The wine is actually sold in my area for $22. Should I try? Have any of you tried? If so, holler.