Once I got into my late 30s I developed old feet. You know old feet, right? If you’re too young to know, oh you just wait, because one day, all of a sudden your foot will reject anything that is uncomfortable. It’s like after years of concubine-ing them they just give up and wave the white flag.    

But alas, this season there's a shoe trend that everyone can enjoy and it's as comfortable as it gets. Hail the Hiking Boot!!!! We saw it rear its head last season, but this year comes with an added luxe touch of (faux) fur or shearling. Yes, that means even more comfort. There are so many to choose from but I have to share the pair I just bought yesterday. Not only are they cute as all f-ck, but they are also fairly affordable.


They are also super versatile - wear them on a nature walk or hype them up with a great skinny jean and oversized sweater.

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