Scarlett Johansson was the first presenter last night at the Tony Awards, introduced as a Tony winner. She won in 2010 for Best Featured Actress in a Play for her work in A View From The Bridge. She is part of the Broadway community then. But she is also promoting a new movie. Rough Night comes out this Friday. She was at a photo call for the movie with Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, Zoe Kravitz, and Ilana Glazer on Saturday. It’s an ensemble cast, but of course, the biggest name here is Scarjo. And this is Scarjo’s first movie since Ghost In The Shell.

There’s no other way to say it: Ghost In The Shell bombed at the box office and with critics. And, yes, even though there were many people involved with that movie who made many bad decisions, Scarlett Johansson is the brand name, so she’s wearing it publicly. But she also has a chance to get past it pretty quickly with Rough Night. If it performs. It opens in four days and reviews are still embargoed. Publicity around the movie has been pretty slow too. Obviously it should pick up soon. But does it feel a little late? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I just haven’t been paying all that much attention. I just… don’t feel like Rough Night has had much of a media presence. And in combination with the fact that they were just doing reshoots in April, I’m wondering if there’s something to worry about here. I don’t want to worry. I want this movie to be hilarious and successful. I want it to be an example of a raunchy female comedy that can play big with audiences. I want it to be a strong counterprogramming option against Cars 3. Are you in for Rough Night? Or are you going to see Wonder Woman for the 4th time? (Kathleen will likely have seen it 5  times by the end of this week.)