It’s a lower-key celebrity couple sighting than Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez hitting up a Vegas wedding chapel, but Sebastian Stan and Annabelle Wallis were out and about in New York this weekend, adding evidence to their burgeoning relationship. They’re not red carpet official yet, but speculation started earlier this summer when they were spotted looking cozy at Robert Pattinson’s birthday party. In these latest photos, Stan is walking Wallis’s dog, and I don’t know about you, but “pet official” is pretty official in my book. I don’t let just anyone assume responsibility for my pet, even when I’m around, which is partly that my cat, Pancake, is a holy terror who destroys souls for fun and profit, but also that I have to trust a person before relying on them to handle her.


Also, can we talk about the real star of these photos? It’s Zeus, Wallis’s dog. Look at him! He knows his angles. He’s strutting, he’s smiling, he’s giving summer vibes and blondes have more fun. He is fully upstaging these celebrities, as dogs usually do. Tom Hiddleston has a dog who regularly upstages him. This is why I wish we could see more celebrity cats. Cats have big personalities. Celebrities often have big personalities, too. I would like to know which celebrity cats out-ego their famous owners. Like I have no illusions, Pancake is a diva and I am merely her assistant.