Selena Gomez met up with Paul Rudd, his wife Julie Yaeger, and some other friends in New York yesterday to see Billy Crudup in the off-Broadway play Harry Clarke. Among those friends: Justin Theroux and Petra Collins. Quick gossip refresher: 

Selena and Jennifer Aniston are close. Selena and Petra are friends too. There were rumours when Jen and Justin first announced their separation that it was because he wanted to get with Petra and/or Selena. Then Selena unfollowed Petra on Instagram. That was back in March. So now this sighting means that …everything is all good? What, exactly, is “everything” though? Does everything mean “Justin + Petra”? Because she does indeed bring the “arty” and “edgy” factor that we’ve been told he’s all about. 

You know what isn’t “arty” and “edgy”, at least not anymore? The Met Gala. I LOVE the Met Gala. I can’t wait to see what we’re about to see tonight. But let’s not pretend that the Met Gala isn’t any less “celebrity” than the Oscars. The Met Gala is in New York and it’s a New York City event that needs a lot of Hollywood oxygen. Justin is a Louis Vuitton ambassador. It’s quite possible that he’ll be there tonight with LV. Emma Stone is in town and chances are we’ll see her too since she’s the newest face of the brand. Selena was affiliated with LV a few years ago but she’s now with Coach. She attended last year as a Coach representative and it’s probably why she’s in NY right now. Coach has really taken it to another level the last couple of years but their strength is in street style – great bombers and sweaters and fun little dresses. I don’t know that the drama of a big red carpet fashion moment is their thing. 

One of the best parts of the Met Gala, in addition to the fashion, is watching how celebrities friend-cluster. Sometimes the clusters happen because of their respective designers. But inevitably they all end up in the bathroom with their crews and show us who they’re hanging with on Instagram. Who will be in Selena’s cluster tonight? Justin …and Petra?