Kathleen texted me late Friday night, after midnight for her in Toronto so it was technically Saturday morning at that point. This isn’t a new IG post, but it was giving her some late night feelings. 


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“That’s it. That’s the text.” 

From there we went back and forth about how obsessed we were with the possibly of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello being in love. (SHUT UP, Duana. Nobody invited you to this party.) Because, yes, we are teenagers shipping two beautiful people with high temperature chemistry, even though it does seem a little convenient. As Kathleen put it, “If it’s a scam I hope it lasts forever”. 

Is it a scam? 

The other day, at a fan meetup, someone asked Shawn about Camila – his response: 

Was he shaking his head like, no, I’m not dating Camila? Or shaking his head like, no, I’m not answering that? For a few hours there on the weekend, people were like, OK maybe they’re not a thing. But then they went out for Sunday brunch. Holding hands. And there was a lot of hugging, waiting-hugging. Wait-hugging is different from regular hugging, a hug to greet someone, or a hug goodbye. Wait-hugging is… standing around and just hugging. When two people can’t NOT hug while they’re standing next to each other. This is where Shawn and Camila are at right now. Also, at brunch. Sunday brunch. You ever run into two people at Sunday brunch during the early part of their relationship? Their faces are like Shawn and Camila’s faces: no sleep but still glowing, tired but still fresh – freshly f-cked, that is. 

But the paps were there. So, again, it’s the convenience of it all that’s keeping the skepticism alive. Right now though, they’re a hot story. And the paps are following. Maybe they just don’t care anymore if they’re being photographed? Or maybe they want you to see the photographs because they want you to believe it? It is, after all, the Year of the Scam. WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE!?!

One more piece of evidence to analyse: the paps were not present when Shawn and Camila were out late on Saturday night: 

Sitting on the same side of the booth is definitely “more” friends than “just” friends, right?