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As for this week’s episode of Show Your Work, John Krasinski’s working in a whole new way now. He was actually always supposed to be working this month and the original hope was that right now he’d be celebrating the success of A Quiet Place 2. Instead, he launched a weekly show, Some Good News; the most recent episode featured a Hamilton cast reunion and… it’s some of the best work that John’s ever done. Duana and I discuss how this unexpected pivot could be challenging him in the best way – and why this may actually do more for his career than the sequel to his film. 

Speaking of detours, John Krasinski made one and COVID-19 derailed the Navarro cheer squad’s championship dream. But that doesn’t mean that La’Darius Marshall’s dreams can’t come true. Bobby Finger’s excellent profile of La’Darius in The Cut last week gives us some insight about where La’Darius will be shining next and why we’re already optimistic about the strategy behind his ascent. This is the story of a star who came from an unlikely place and how La’Darius will now be showing his work off the mat. 

Thanks so much for listening and for sending us your notes. We read a message from a listener on this episode who has reimagined his work during the lockdown. Jordan Bell, we love that you shared this with us. We love it even more than you are showing your work! And we want to show more of everyone else’s work – so reach out to us on all the regular channels and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!