It’s really only been two months, officially, since news broke that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were back together. Friday, April 30 is when Ben was seen leaving JLo’s place in LA and since then, almost every weekend, and sometimes several times a week, from east coast to west coast, Bennifer has made time for each other, Independence Day long weekend included. 


On Friday, Ben and JLo were seen at Universal Studios Hollywood with her kids and his son, Sam. Page Six has the photos here. Ben’s already been spending time with Max and Emme, and this confirms that JLo is getting to know Ben’s children. Which means that they’re integrating their lives, nobody is out here all like, “let’s wait and see what happens”. It’s happening. 

Ben and JLo held hands at Universal  and were seen laughing together and with the kids and reportedly were left alone to enjoy the day. The next day, after dropping his kids off at Jennifer Garner’s, Ben joined JLo and her kids on a private jet headed for the Hamptons. Here they are looking close on a walk with a couple of friends in matching outfits. So the Summer of Bennifer continues. Can they make it to Labour Day?!