Dear Gossips,

How long does it take for a viral challenge to peak? Last summer the #InMyFeelings challenge, inspired by Drake’s “In My Feelings”, lasted…a couple of weeks? Who won that? Was it Will Smith

As I’ve been mentioning in Celebrity Social Media while subbing in for Maria, the viral challenge of Summer 2019 started last week, the #BottleCapChallenge, and I think we have consensus that it’s come to an end. Mimi ended it. Who can top this? 

It works – and it wins – because Mimi came out of NOWHERE to take it. Nobody could have predicted that it would be Mimi to come in and kill this since… well… this was supposed to be an athletic challenge. And, you know, Mimi’s not the first person to come to mind when we’re talking about athleticism. She doesn’t do her own walking. As IF she’d be able to lift one leg off the ground, while wearing heels, and spin on the other with the grace and force to spin a cap off the bottle. 

But, then again, all the others who’ve been attempting the challenge are mortals. And Mimi is a superhero – so she used her superpower. She levitated that sh-t without having to move her feet. In doing so, she also reminded us that her voice can actually summon the elements. 

It’s over. Everybody now, please stop. 

Yours in gossip,