Last week Sydney Sweeney was heading to Las Vegas for CinemaCon with Glen Powell, having recently wrapped filming on their upcoming rom-com, Anyone But You, in Australia. They were travelling together to promote the movie amid all kinds of rumours about their relationship and whether or not they cheated on their respective partners. 


We now know that Glen and Gigi Paris are no longer together. Sydney, however, is still engaged. Her fiancé, Jonathan Davino, was seen walking her dog (their dog?) last week. And he was with her in New York on Friday; they were coordinated in black leather which, I guess, means that they’re solid. TMZ has the photos

This was after Sydney attended the Armani Beauty event earlier in the evening and posed with a few other celebrities who were there, including Lukas Gage for a White Lotus reunion, but if Jonathan was there, we don’t have any shots – it was strictly business for her at the event. 


Business because she was named as the new face of Armani Beauty back in January.  


Like I said last week, New York is always busy… but it’s been particularly popping over the last week leading up the Met Gala. And as you can see, everyone is there. Sydney attended her first Met Gala last year as a guest of Tory Burch shortly after she was named the global ambassador for the brand’s bag line. She most recently showed up on the Tory Burch IG in March:


If that partnership is still in place and she is going to the Met Gala tonight, chances are she’ll be at that table. Even though… I’m not sure this is the most obvious brand fit. When I think Tory Burch, I don’t picture Sydney Sweeney. And when I think Sydney, I don’t picture Tory Burch. It’ll be interesting to see how long this relationship lasts. But you can read that sentence in several different ways. 

Attached: Sydney at the Armani event on Friday.