Sydney Sweeney was seen in LA yesterday wearing eye masks and using a face roller as she was getting picked up to presumably head out on another trip. It’s been a busy schedule for her the last few weeks, and it’s obviously still ongoing. 


Sydney was in New York last week to promote her film Reality – you can read Sarah’s review here. On the weekend though she was seen in London for the opening of RH England, The Gallery at the Historic Aynho Park, the first RH (formerly Restoration Hardware) space outside of North America. She was likely invited as a guest of the company, which is interesting brand outreach. With Sydney the target is definitely Gen Z, right? When I was Gen Z I don’t know that I could afford anything from RH. 

Back to the schedule though – Sydney and her fiancée Jonathan Davino arrived back in LA after that brief trip to England, but that was a quick turnaround because yesterday she was already on her way out again which explains the need for the eye masks and the roller. Because that’s not enough time to recover from all that back and forth and the different time zones messing up your internal clock. I was in New York from Saturday morning to Sunday night this past weekend on a work assignment and that’s only a one hour flight from Toronto and the same time zone and I still got f-cked up from the trip. 


But this is what momentum is when you’re a star in Sydney’s position. She’s building from Euphoria to The White Lotus and now with the buzz around her performance in Reality, she’s now in contention for an Emmy (Reality is an HBO title) and nomination voting begins next week. 

And then there’s Anyone But You, the rom-com she’s in with Glen Powell. Just a few weeks ago we were all speculating whether or not she and Glen hooked up during filming. Anyone But You opens on December 15 – kind of a bold move here, an R-rated movie aiming for holiday traffic and up against a highly anticipated blockbuster. That would be Wonka, starring Timothée Chalamet. And then just five days later it’s the new Ghostbusters movie and the Aquaman sequel. This is counterprogramming for sure, and I don’t hate the confidence here, but I’m also curious to see if, when December rolls around, they’re actually going to stick to the plan and not end up moving it because of all the other heavyhitters on the calendar.