Taika Waititi, as far as we know, is not directing another Marvel movie. He directed the third installment in Chris Hemsworth’s reign as Thor, and unless Hemsworth renegotiates, he’ll be done after Avengers 4 next year, so it’s not like there’s already another Thor movie in development for Waititi to jump into. For the time being, Waititi’s next project is one of his own development, Jojo Rabbit, which sounds fittingly odd and like a thematic successor to his debut feature, Boy. Have you not investigated Waititi’s pre-Thor work? Disappointing. BUT NOT AS DISAPPOINTING AS KATHLEEN, WHO KEEPS SNAKING MY SEBASTIAN STAN POSTS.

But Waititi is in the Marvel family now, so he was there, lighting up our lives and the Infinity War premiere, in a relatively low-key suit—not his night, so no need to dominate the carpet—hugging it out with Paul Rudd. Recently, Kathleen, who keeps stepping on my tail like I’m not going to notice, wrote about the Paul Rudd Hotness Litmus Test. For me, it’s not about whether or not Paul Rudd is hot, it’s that he has never and probably will never let us down. He’s reliably funny and dependably pleasant, and it’s always nice to see him. Kathleen, who is being the literal worst right now, writes about this like it’s a bad thing. But after we’ve seen several beloved celebrities fall down the sex pest well, it’s a relief to still have celebrities like Rudd, who are just fun and funny and doing nothing creepy. Does Paul Rudd have to be your fave? No. But he’s good to have around. 

Rudd, by the way, has actually de-aged approximately three years between the Civil War premiere two years ago and the Infinity War premiere last night. At this point, I don’t think he’s bathing in unicorn blood, I think he’s straight up sucking the marrow out of unicorn bones. Why isn’t he aging?! This is the research science should be doing.