Taylor Swift's most recent reputation tour date was in Denver on May 25. There was a week in between Denver and the next stop (today in Chicago) for her to play the Biggest Weekend Festival in Swansea last weekend and hang out with Joe Alwyn. Here they are leaving a pub in North London on Wednesday. She’ll be back in England next week and is expected to be there for almost month before heading back to the US and Canada. There’s your relationship update. Now let’s talk about her hair. 

InStyle is calling it her “really excellent hair day”. I think it might be one of her best hair days ever. Because I have had a difficult relationship with Taylor’s hair decisions over the years. Here are some examples:

WTF is this? 


And this? How does this happen? 


This isn’t great either:


Can you explain this to me? 


That said, I was super into platinum blonde Taylor. Which didn’t last long. And now we’re back to what we saw this week, at the pub, casual not quite straight, definitely not curly or wavy…although it may have been wavy the day before. 


This is her best texture, but it’s hard to achieve. It doesn’t start like this. It probably starts like this:


I’m never a fan of a straight bang with a wave everywhere else. And I hate when you can see which individual sections of hair have been ironed. Hair will do this even when you comb it out. I call it “tornados” – the grouped strands gravitate back to the friends they were curled with during styling, resulting in a relaxed ringlet effect. Which is why you have to shake it out and completely loosen it, run your fingers through it to achieve maximum separation. And that’s also why hair so often looks better the next day. I always ask for a slightly tighter wave on Fridays so that by that night and on Saturday, I have good weekend hair. If this is indeed what’s happening here with Taylor, maybe that’s the fix. Because this is exactly the right texture and volume. Now I want to see what it would look like if it’s longer – with this exact texture and volume.