Taylor Swift is the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend. They keep lubing up her fans by posting throwbacks of her previous appearances on Twitter. And here’s the promo she shot with this week’s host, Phoebe Waller-Bridge:

Phoebe is the sh-t right now, especially after the Emmys. So, you know, if we were still talking about Taylor’s friend-collecting, this would be her latest acquisition. The last time she was on SNL it was back in 2017 and Tiffany Haddish was hosting and then she and Tiffany became tight. How long before Phoebe shows up in a Taylor video? Or is that not Phoebe’s thing? 

Let’s focus on Phoebe and this week’s episode because last week was terrible. Phoebe, however, is everything – writer, actor, director, all of it. If what they bring her is sh-t, will she tell them it’s sh-t? Will she tell Colin Jost to take his sh-t sketches and come back with something better? I hope someone does. 

Anyway, ahead of her appearance on SNL, Taylor also stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday and he “surprised” her by airing a video of her that he got from her ma that was taken after she had laser eye surgery and she’s all loopy and high: 

She’s doing a good job of acting but I’m not entirely convinced she didn’t know it was coming because, as we know, Taylor runs a tight ship. Like, sure, her ma knows her well enough to be able to gauge whether or not she’d be pissed but… still. And that’s FINE! Everyone does a pre-chat before late night talk shows. It’s unusual for it NOT to happen, for the topics not to be pre-cleared. Which is why I’m also not convinced that Joaquin Phoenix didn’t know about the Joker outtake that aired on Kimmel the other night

Anyway, planned or unplanned, Taylor’s pretty cute here with her goggles on, trying to understand the banana, and then eating it in bed, adorable as f-ck at the end when she insists that “I’m not asleep, my mind is alive”. I enjoy that side of her. But I’m also mad. 

Because I’ve had laser eye surgery. Best thing I’ve ever done. And my one f-cking regret is that… I didn’t do it earlier! I did it when I was 40. It was so liberating! WHYYYYYY did I wait so long?! She’s smart to have it now, an extra decade over what I had! 

And here’s Taylor kicking Jimmy’s ass in Name That Song.