Let’s recap: 

Last Friday, Taylor was papped leaving her New York City apartment, like old times, with Gigi Hadid and other members of her squad. It’s been a while since we’ve seen this – there was a sleepover the night before, then they hit up her hometown, and then the girls were at her show that night. Meanwhile Joe Alwyn was back in London, at Wimbledon. And… that same day Taylor was seen not wearing the necklace with his initial on it. Which had fans freaking out, speculating that there may be trouble. 

Yesterday she was papped once again, in New York, and the necklace was back on: 


So the presence of the necklace probably isn’t an indication of whether or not they’re still dating? 

OK but now there’s a new development. Or maybe not. Emily, our site manager, and a proper Swiftie, sent this to me just now – last night at her show in Cleveland, Taylor performed "Babe" for the first time. "Babe" is the song she wrote a few years ago that Sugarland recorded for the album they released a couple of months ago. It’s about being cheated on. Em says that some fans are freaking because …why is she performing the song NOW? When she’s surrounding herself with her girlfriends again. When the necklace is on and off. When Joe isn’t on tour with her.

What does it mean? 

Maybe it means nothing. Maybe that’s why she put the necklace back on yesterday? So that when she performed the song, there would be no conclusions to jump to? Like as a pre-reassurance? That’s my theory. 

Whatever’s going on, Taylor is super-feeling herself right now. These outfits, these short little shorts and the cropped little top. The girl is bouncing.