Taylor Swift and the eclipse are indeed connected. As you know, Taylor’s socials have been blacked out all weekend…until about an hour ago – because this just appeared on all her accounts:


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It’s a tail, right? I’m still stuck on dragons from Game Of Thrones last night but there are two other animals with tails that are better associated with Taylor: cats and … snakes.

Cats, of course, because she has two of them and they’re almost as famous as she is but the Snake, well, the Snake is a lot more interesting. Kim Kardashian dropped the receipts on Taylor on the National Day of the Snake. She used the Snake emoji on Taylor last year to shut Taylor down. And, of course, Taylor was born under the sign of the Snake. According to my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken’s annual horoscope, Snakes are one of the four luckiest signs of the year during this, the Year of the Rooster. Specifically, as I noted a couple of weeks ago, just as her trial was starting, Taylor, a 1989 Snake, is in for some very, very good luck.

Clearly she’s co-opted the symbol of the Snake. Will it be more of the old Taylor, positioning herself as the innocent, wrongly maligned party in this “narrative” between her and her opponents? Or, if this is to be a new era of Taylor Swift, the blackout – eclipse! – that precedes a brand new iteration, is she now embracing her Snake-ness, and fully owning the fact that, yes, she’s more sting than she is sweet? I choose option #2. Sting away, out in the open. Because at this point, no one’s buying the sweet version anyway. Last year, after the Day of the Receipts, I wrote of my hope that those receipts would end up liberating Taylor and propelling her to a more authentic reinvention. Maybe not so much a reinvention as a reintroduction: this is the real me.

Again, the VMAs are on Sunday. There are rumours that Taylor will make her return on that stage. Is that really where we’re headed? MTV vs HBO. Snakes vs Dragons on Sunday August 27th?