Angelina Jolie was trending this weekend – for a good reason. Because in these times, when we see a celebrity’s name is trending, we’re conditioned now to brace ourselves. Not that Angelina is high on the list of saying some stupid sh-t but you never know what f-ckery Brad Pitt might be up to. 


No issues here though…

Angelina went to a concert, and she went viral. 

As we have seen, Angie’s been in Rome directing Without Blood. On weekends and downtime, the paps have photographed her out hanging out with friends, spending time with her kids. And this weekend she was with Shiloh – at the Måneskin concert. Which would have been a big deal anyway because the band is from Rome. This was their home show. And it’s always extra special to see artists perform at home. You want to see BTS in Seoul. You want to see Adele in London. You want to see Beyoncé in Houston. You want to see Drake in Toronto. And if you are a fan of Måneskin, you want to see them in Rome. 

Angelina and Shiloh are clearly fans. How do we know? Because they know the words. Angelina knows the words. 


Back when Angelina was Shiloh’s age, for sure she went to her share of concerts, you can see that muscle get reactivated in this video. Teen Angelina came out to play. But there was mom energy there too. As in the beautiful experience of being at the show with her child who will have this memory with her forever. This would be especially poignant for Angelina given how close she was with her mother. 

Also…after two years of pandemic, it must have been just a good f-cking time to be at a concert again?! I haven’t been to a concert yet but I was close. You know what I just said about seeing artists at their home shows? I was supposed to go to The Weeknd’s tour kickoff in Toronto on Friday … until a major network outage basically shut down half our country, including his concert. But I’m writing this coming off our first live audience show on The Social like five minutes ago. Our entire team was emotional about it along with the audience. And we’re just a talk show, we don’t do music. When you add the power of music to that kind of situation, what you get is that look on Angelina’s face. Well, I mean, maybe not exactly because HER FACE.