There was an interesting article that came out earlier this week about royal scheduling. Yesterday Prince William visited Evelina Children’s Hospital in London while Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were over in Wales. If you’ve been watching the royals long enough, you know that, ideally, they try to spread out their commitments, so that each organisation and/or cause that they’re supporting at their engagements is given its own spotlight. According to the Daily Mail’s Sebastian Shakespeare, William was not pleased that Harry and Meghan were out there on the same day that he was: 

‘Mark my words, William will be furious,’ a source tells me. 

‘He is carrying out these visits because he really believes in the projects.

‘Inevitably, Meghan will attract all the media attention. William understands that, so he will be very frustrated that the engagements were arranged for the same day.’

The clash seems unnecessary, as Harry has no other official engagements this week.

The Daily Mail and other British tabloids haven’t been all that accurate these days on their royal reporting but, that said, given that William and Harry operate under the same royal department, for lack of a better word, it does seem weird that the people who manage their schedules couldn’t have staggered their appearances this week so as not to split the focus. 

So, with that in mind, William showed up for his engagement yesterday with a new haircut. A proper buzzcut. A very close shave. Remember, he and Princess Kate stepped out together just two days prior and, at that time, he was still working the hair-grown-out-on-the-sides. And it wasn’t even that long. 

Prince William pre-haircut

How he seems now, however, to have finally just said, f-ck it, there’s nothing on the top so why should I persist with keeping the sides longer. Make it all the same. 

And…well… that’s become the story. Prince Harry and Meghan certainly got their coverage, but guess who was on the front page of The Sun?

William on The Sun front page

Coincidence or conspiracy?