I can’t decide if I like this patchwork sequined dress on Janelle Monae which is shocking because I love Janelle Monae and she’s a reliable red carpet winner. But there’s just something about this look, I think, that’s falling flat for me and I wonder if it might be that it’s too long? Also I’m not sure this is my favourite hairstyle on her. (Go Fug Yourself) 


“The Year Everyone Started Dressing Like Julia Fox” is an excellent headline, because it’s polarising and provocative about a polarising and provocative subject and, well, it’s not wrong. There is definitely a Julia Fox Effect, as much as no one wants to admit it. (The Cut) 

In her review of Napoleon earlier, which I cannot wait to see!, Sarah mentioned that there are people who are out here having a suck attack over the historical inaccuracies. Some of those people are French, and when Ridley Scott was asked to comment on those reactions… he gave a very Ridley Scott response. I wonder what it’s like being married to him. Is it as funny, talking to him, when you have to live with it? (Cele|bitchy) 


There were a few of you, a couple of weeks ago when we were speculating on the Sexiest Man Alive, who wanted it to be Paul Mescal which…nice try. It was never going to be Paul Mescal, but I am aware of all the thirst over Paul Mescal so for those of you who are parched, here’s a post about his ass. (OMG Blog) 

On that note, the way some of you feel about Paul Mescal is how I feel about Barry Keoghan. And I don’t talk about it much because, to be honest, it’s a real problem for me. When I really crush hard I do it in secret, so that’s all I will say about how much time I spend thinking about Barry and, these days, how one of the ways I’ll make myself feel better when this epic trip is over is that I’ll get to go home and watch in the naked dance scene in Saltburn. (Out)