The Crown has released new photos of Princess Diana and Dodi from the first part of the final season. They’ve really done a great job recreating the images. At least visually. Not sure what the actual storytelling is going to be but these pictures are amazing especially if you’re familiar with the originals. (Celebitchy)


Alex Abad-Santos has written a really great piece about “the complicated relationship we have will Will and Jada’s complicated relationship”. (Vox)

Ashley Park in a gold dress and I am obsessed with these sleeves – which is why I appreciate her pose. She’s doing the look justice by showcasing its best feature. Not the sequins but the sleeve, these beautiful scalloped, wide fluttering sleeves that elevate this from just another sequin dress to something special… though I feel like it could have done without the keyhole? Also I’m super into these shoes – chrome platform sandals, am looking for a pair. (Go Fug Yourself)


Millie Bobby Brown, like other child stars before her, is in transition. She’s 19 years old, she’s ready to move on from Stranger Things, she’s a university student, and so far, it seems that she’s managing her fame in a relatively healthy way. I too look forward to how she navigates this next stage in her career. (Pajiba) 

Here is another link to a list of where you can donate to support victims of the Israel-Hamas war. (The Cut)