Dear Gossips, 

It’s Oscar weekend. And these are the first Oscars since the launch of Time’s Up and Harvey Weinstein’s exorcism from Hollywood. How will that affect the event? Will it affect the event? This is the 90th anniversary of the Oscars and the Academy wants to celebrate the milestone, especially after the way the show ended last year with the envelope f-ck-up. 

According to TMZ, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty were seen at the Dolby yesterday to rehearse their return. So I guess they’ve been invited to come back which… I mean…I get it. Given that we apparently have another tight Best Picture race on our hands, I suppose it could add to the suspense. But it also doesn’t feel all that fresh. And, hilariously, now they have to deal with Faye again. Remember, several people mentioned how impossible she is in the oral history of the envelope situation that The Hollywood Reporter published earlier this week. I do have some fun scoop about presenters though. That post is coming up first after the open.

Kathleen, and I are in LA all weekend – Kathleen and I are working on the Oscars for etalk during our live red carpet show beginning at 530pm ET on Sunday on CTV. It’s the 15th anniversary of our annual Oscar red carpet special from the second position of the Oscar red carpet. We also occupy one of only two balcony positions overlooking the carpet as guests head into the theatre for the show – which is where Danielle Graham and I will be hosting from. And, for the first time ever, Danielle and I will continue broadcasting live on Facebook,,, and Twitter from 630pm ET. Check my Twitter @LaineyGossip on Sunday right at 630pm ET to pick up the livestream. We want ETALK LIVE: THE OSCARS BALCONY to be a show for the red carpet junkie – we’re focusing on the fashion, and on the cutaway moments when the stars are not doing interviews but interacting with each other, waiting for their time at the photo wall, greeting each other and checking each other out, and Danielle and I will be making the call on when to zoom in and what to zoom in on. We can’t wait. Please join us!

And then please come back through the weekend as I’ll be posting pictures from the Spirit Awards on Saturday and other photos from the pre-Oscar parties. Then, on Sunday night and Monday morning Duana, Kathleen, and I will be recapping the night and posting about the dresses and the winners and the gossip. It’s an all-nighter for us as usual and we’re aiming to get the first articles up by 2am ET. Come by as many times as you can and definitely send us your thoughts – yell, shout, all caps your commentary, we want to read it all!

To get Oscar weekend started on the right note, here’s Tiffany Haddish at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Oscars luncheon yesterday and at the Gersh Oscar party at Chateau Marmont last night. Tiffany is presenting on Sunday. She’s going to her first Oscars! She ready! 

Have a great Oscar weekend!

Yours in gossip,