Tiffany Haddish has been on FIRE lately. It’s one great look after another. Her Oscars dress? That amazing green strapless dress? Excellent. At the Grammys? Golden and one-shoulder? Impeccable. And this weekend she stepped out in another stunner at the Fashion Los Angeles awards. I just checked her Instagram and she’s in Thom Browne in her most recent post – and killing it.  (Go Fug Yourself) 


Sometimes I wonder if stories like this are designed to make people who are already coupled more grateful about being coupled because… there is a LOT of f-cksh-t out there. If someone invited me over to “play”, and in that way, I would quit everything and go underground – this is TERRIFYING! Does this man understand that he is terrifying?! (Dlisted) 

Not sure if you’ve heard, and Sarah gave you a heads up a couple of weeks ago but we’re about to be overtaken by Nicolas Cage everything with The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. If you haven’t seen the trailer, go back to that link to Sarah’s post and … enjoy. I can’t f-cking wait to see this movie – and they used BLACKPINK for the trailer so even more bonus points. Anyway, Nic Cage just did a Reddit AMA and it’s delightful. Especially the part where he says he would definitely do a sequel to Face/Off…WHY HASN’T THIS HAPPENED YET??? (Pajiba) 

The “royal sources” who are still out here trying to convince people that Prince Andrew should be able to come back out in public – seriously? This is where they’re spending their energy?! (Cele|bitchy) 

The wedding pictures I care about the most – the BinJin Wedding! (Soompi)