It was pretty much exactly a year ago that Timothée Chalamet was papped on holiday in Mexico with Eiza Gonzalez – they were with friends but it was more than friendly between them. They were seen making out, it was hot.  Timmy and Eiza were together one more time shortly after the trip but that’s the last sighting, neither spoke about their situation, and by the fall, Eiza was spending time with someone else.   

Back in October of 2020, though, in his GQ cover feature, Timothée did speak briefly about his relationship with Lily-Rose Depp, which was over at the time. He was specifically addressing those now-infamous photos of them kissing on a boat, calling her “someone I really loved”, which is what I wrote about in April, a couple of months ago, when he and Lily-Rose were seen hanging out in New York. Did she read that quote as a confession, a romantic reach-out?  


There’s been no update on Timmy and Lily-Rose since that outing and a lot of people, as Maria mentioned in Celebrity Social Media last week, have been wondering whether or not they’re legit a thing. Well, there may be an answer to that:  

This appears to be a fan photo of the two last week in Cincinnati where Timmy’s been filming Bones and All. And Lily-Rose went to visit him which…do friends visit friends who they used to be in love with in another city where they’re working? In the summer? Now that so many people have been vaxxed? My takeaway is that this young love is back on, officially right?  

Here’s Lily-Rose in New York this weekend.