Tom Brady and Irina Shayk – it’s real. 

But let’s back up to a month ago, when both Tom and Irina were at some billionaire’s wedding and it was then reported that she “threw herself” at him but he wasn’t interested…which she vehemently denied. Maybe he threw himself at her? 


Because this weekend they were together in LA. According to TMZ – they have the photos - Tom picked her up at the hotel, she spent the night, and then came back the next night and slept over again. There’s also a shot of them in the car, she’s leaned back in her seat, and he’s reaching over and caressing her face with his hand. Your eyes, my eyes, all of our eyes – we’re seeing this the same way, right? It’s pretty clear what this is giving. Tom and Irina are happening and horny. 

Which… shouldn’t really be a surprise. In the words of the always quotable Cardi B, Tom Brady was never going to get with a “regular degular schmegular”. He was with Gisele Bundchen, supermodel, for 15 years. It totally tracks that his first situationship after the end of their marriage is also with a supermodel. Both Tom and Irina run in the same celebrity rich people circles, they’re both parents, she’s 37 to his 45, seemingly at a similar stage in life professionally and personally… 

On paper, this definitely works. 

But it’s too early to talk about whether or not it’s more than horny. They’re single, they’re attractive, they’re wealthy, and it’s summer. We can leave it at horny for now. 

Also attached - Irina out in LA the other day.