NFL training camp doesn’t start for another month so Tom Brady still has a few weeks of holiday mode left before he has to get back in game shape (although he’s been seen doing squats on the boat). He and Gisele Bundchen are currently in Portofino with their kids. As Maria said yesterday in Celebrity Social Media, it’s “celebrity yacht season”. And so many of them end up in Italy. 


Not much to say here other than the fact that they look close and happy and… they’re eating ice cream. That’s not a noteworthy detail for other people but it is for these two because of all their food rules which is fine when you have personal chefs and menu consultants like they do but when you’re on holiday and you’re just buying snacks from local vendors, it’s harder to meet all your specifications. 

I guess the point of the story here is… Tom and Gisele will actually allow themselves an ice cream on holiday? It is Europe, after all. Ice cream, in my opinion, is way better in Europe than it is in North America. I remember a few years ago, we flew into Poland late after dinner time when our flight was delayed and I didn’t want a full meal but went for ice cream instead and I almost passed out from how good it was – creamy and rich and not too sweet but soooo f-cking good. Even Tom and Gisele can’t resist.