Remember all the drama over Henry Cavill’s moustache in Mission: Impossible – Fallout? Two studios were fighting over that moustache which resulted in his moustache looking super weird in Justice League. Sarah’s theory, hilariously, about the moustache and why it even needed to happen at all in Mission: Impossible – Fallout was that Tom Cruise won’t let anyone look more handsome than him in any movie. 

Tom’s making another movie. And look! There’s another moustache!

Check out Tom and Miles Teller in Lake Tahoe continuing work on Top Gun: Maverick. Miles is playing Bradley Bradshaw, Goose’s son. Goose had a moustache so… I guess… this is how they’re connecting the characters? And, if we’re going by Sarah’s hypothesis, with that moustache, it also has the added bonus of hiding whatever handsomeness you might think Miles Teller has. Miles really does not look good with a moustache. He is, however, really good at playing cocky fresh. Just like young Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. Whose life was also shaped by the death of his father in the air. They’ve not shared many details about the sequel but, I mean, we’re all kinda presuming this is part of the story, right? 

Top Gun: Maverick comes out summer 2020. Originally they’d planned for summer 2019 but pushed it back by a year to get the technology sorted for the new aircraft and flight sequences. They started shooting this at the end of May. It’s now been six months of filming. You know what a Tom Cruise production is like. He puts everything into it. And he expects everything to go into it. If they’re taking this long, well, it’s going to be a spectacle. Which… fine. But if we’re going to get a spectacle in the air, can we also get one on the beach? I’m not that into the thought of Miles Teller all lubed up during volleyball but I could definitely handle Glen Powell (who auditioned for Miles’s role, didn’t get it, but impressed everyone so much they ended up finding another role for him) wearing nothing but a pair of Levis spiking the ball into the sand.