Method Man and Redman dropped this in 1995: 

“Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane

How high?

Recognise Johnny Blaze, ain’t a damn thing changed”

Recognise Tom Cruise, ain’t a damn thing changed!


This is Tom Cruise up in the sky, parachuting out of a helicopter while filming Mission: Impossible 7. Of course he is. Where else would he be? The rest of us can stay safely below on firm ground. Tom’s always going to be up in the sky, doing the most, as many times as he has to, because he is TOM CRUISE, motherf-ckers and no stunt is too much for TOM CRUISE.

According to the paps, he did this four times, and he apparently free-dove out of the helicopter, and did some spins before pulling the chute. It’s f-cking wild is what it is, the fact that he’s literally a million dollar player, multi-million, actually, and literally hurtling down from god knows how many feet. 

Wild and terrifying and, yes, funny…because by now we know, this is SO HIM. And also hilarious because once again we’re talking about Tom Cruise and a helicopter, his preferred method of travel. Is this how he arrives when you’re meeting him for lunch? I bet you he would if he could. Like if he couldn’t park his ride in someone’s field or on James Corden’s roof, he’ll just parachute down to the patio, land on both feet with determination, then grin and show all his teeth before sauntering up to your table and ordering TWO meals. Is this real life or a sketch?