Tom Holland and Zendaya are giving the internet a rom-com right now. Well, technically, they’re not giving anyone anything, but the way this is playing out, it’s hitting all the rom-com tropes. 


So Zendaya has been in Rome this week with Law Roach, likely doing some fashion work. Tom, meanwhile, at least earlier in the week, was still in New York promoting Uncharted, the current #1 movie at the box office. He was seen, however, at JFK …

Tom Holland at JFK Airport, February 21, 2022

And turned up here…


He was apparently just at that restaurant a couple of weeks prior on the Uncharted press tour. And evidently returned when Z was in town and surprised her by taking her there for dinner? That’s Tomdaya Hive theory …and I don’t disagree. Because the original caption of that IG post read that it was a “surprise date night”:


The social media generation doesn’t miss anything, no matter how many times you hit that edit button. According to Page Six, Zendaya seemed “visibly thrilled” to be there and the two had dinner in the corner by the fireplace before some friends joined them. 

See? It’s a rom-com. She wasn’t expecting to see him, he jumps on a plane and takes her out for dinner. It’s swoony and cute and it’s exactly what would happen in a movie, only this movie is their life…and millions of people are following along. Which I can’t imagine they’re all that down with, and that makes me a hypocrite because here I am writing about it along with everyone else, but they’re just too adorable and everything else is f-cked up and this is pure and sweet and unproblematic, but if we continue to obsess over them will it become problematic and ruin a good story? Help!