Tom Holland and Zendaya just wrapped filming Spider-Man: Far From Home. They were shooting abroad for most of the summer but for the past couple weeks they’ve been back in New York City. I’ve gotten a few emails about the photos of Zomdaya filming because a) you all know me so well and b) they are stupidly adorable. 

Photos like this were taken in between takes, according to fans.


OMG Zendaya is straddling Tom in public when the cameras aren’t rolling, that means they are totally together, right? You know I’m on approximately part 17 of my investigative series, Zomdaya: Are They F-cking? and I am all for taking circumstantial, flimsy evidence like Photo Assumption into account to strengthen my case that they are indeed in a relationship, but I don’t think these photos can be submitted into evidence. They are strapped to a harness. It looks like they were physically stuck to each other for the duration of filming that scene. PDA doesn’t count if it’s in the script. 

Allow me to present to you Exhibit F (the f is for f-cking). This shows Zomdaya dancing, and this time we know for sure it was in between takes. Thanks Nancy! 

Sure, you could argue that this video could just be two friends psyching each other up before a scene or you could just admit that these two are madly in love and their relationship is just as fun and playful as I imagine it to be in my daydreams. 

My final piece of evidence is from last month, via a reader named Luisa, when Zendaya and Tom went out for dinner with his grandparents. I actually have no idea if these people are actually Tom’s grandparents but the Tomdaya fandom (they refuse to get on board with ‘Zomdaya’) is certain that they are so let’s go with that. 


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Do you go for dinner with your platonic friends’ grandparents? DO YOU? I rest my case. 

Now that Spider-Man: Far From Home has wrapped, there’s another Tom in Zendaya’s life. It was announced yesterday that Zendaya is teaming up with Tommy Hilfiger. Let’s call them Zommy!? I’m sorry. I had to. Zendaya will be the global women’s brand ambassador. She’ll also star in the Spring 2019 campaign and there will be a Zendaya x Tommy capsule collection, according to Vogue. Tommy’s last capsule collection collab was with Gigi Hadid. This is a great choice and proves that as Zendaya’s star rises, so does her clout in the fashion world. Aside from more Zomdaya evidence for my investigative series, the Spider-Man: Far From Home press tour is going to give us so many good Zendaya LEWKS. I’m so excited. 

I’m also excited for Zendaya’s stylist and LG fave Law Roach, who posted this sweet message on Instagram when the news broke. 


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