See what I did there? Tom Holland and Zendaya aka Zomdaya are on location filming Spider-Man: Far From Home in Venice. They arrived by boat yesterday. If we didn’t know they were filming a movie together, I would be using these photos as the visual accompaniment for my fan-fic about Zomdaya on a romantic vacation in Italy. If you squint really hard, it almost looks like they could be holding hands. What? They are sitting very close together. Let me have this. 

The rest of the Spider-Man: Far From Home cast took a separate boat to Venice, which clearly means that Tom and Zendaya are secretly married. We’ve spent the better part of two years, since the last Spider-Man movie, speculating whether or not Zomdaya is happening IRL. I’ve gone back and forth on the legitimacy of their romantic relationship especially since the closest we’ve come to a confirmation was that time Zendaya’s friend’s mom posted a sketchy comment on IG (igniting my favourite comment section war of the year) and the fact that they spend an exorbitant amount of time together – with AND without their fellow cast members. 

The fangirl in me wants to believe it’s real (cue the R&B classic “Tell Me It’s Real” by K-Ci & JoJo). I want to believe it when I see photos like this of them flirting on set in Prague when the cameras aren’t rolling. I just hope they keep this same energy for the whole shoot. More, please. 

As excited as I am about Zomdaya, these on set photos got me even more excited for Spider-Man: Far From Home. So far we know that the plot involves Peter going on summer vacation in Europe with his friends. Teenagers unsupervised in Europe plus superheroes and villains? Um, this is my dream movie. Fingers crossed we also finally get to see Zomdaya make out on a gondola in Venice.