Zendaya turned 22 on September 1st. She celebrated her birthday over the long weekend with family and friends, including the cast of Spider Man: Far From Home. JustJared posted photos from Zendaya’s birthday dinner with a caption that read, in part“Her #SpiderMan co-star and rumoured real-life boyfriend Tom Holland was there for the special day!” 

This is where the fun starts. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that Zomdaya stans (they call Tom and Zendaya “Tomdaya” which is incorrect but still better than Zendalland, SARAH) are passionate. The borderline obsessive rants that I post about whether or not they dating are nothing compared to the conspiracy theories and freak-outs from the actual teens who adore Tom Holland and Zendaya online. 

For the most part, these stans think that Tom and Zendaya are either a) secretly together and won’t confirm their relationship to protect their privacy or b) just best friends who would never lie about being anything but “just friends".

The comment section of the aforementioned JustJared post became a war between these two sparring factions. The Secretly Together stans were mad at JJ for outing Zomdaya and the Just Friends stans were mad they even implied that Tom was Zendaya’s “rumoured real-life boyfriend” at all. Usually, comment sections are where joy goes to suffocate and die but in this case, these comments are so zealous and hysterical, they are highly entertaining. I’ve decided that teenagers fighting over young love is the only good thing about comment sections. 

The most entertaining comment came from Zendaya’s friend and former fellow Disney star Skai Jackson’s mother, Kiya Cole. After the war broke out, she chimed in with, “Yes, it’s true. They been on the low for a while.” You can see the now-deleted comment here (Thanks E!). This comment was read as an official confirmation that ZOMDAYA IS REAL, OMG with multiple outlets reporting just that. The Secretly Together stans then came for Kiya Cole – HOW DARE SHE burst the bubble of privacy and love that Tom and Zendaya have created, HOW DARE SHE. It’s a good thing Instagram didn’t exist when I was a teenager. 

But wait, the fun isn’t over yet! Zendaya’s long-time stylist Law Roach (he also styles Tom) got in on the action. He has also since deleted his tweet to Kiya Cole but you can see it below. 

So, this implies that Kiya Cole doesn’t know Zendaya as well as she’s letting on. BUT it’s also not an outright denial. Law could have written, “Hey children, settle down, they aren’t f-cking!” In case you were wondering which stan faction I fall into, I am in the outlier group who desperately want Zomdaya to be together publicly and don’t care about their privacy. 

After Law’s comment and her mentions were infiltrated with vitriol, Kiya backtracked. She decided to go with the “I was hacked” excuse. 


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Wait. Someone hacked you just to post a comment on Instagram about whether Spider-Man and MJ are dating IRL? Lol OK sis. How embarrassed is Skai Jackson right now? If Zomdaya is real and her mom just casually outed them on Instagram, it’s a definite “OH MY GOD, MOM” moment. If they aren’t and she’s just wilding out on IG for no good reason, it’s an even more cringe-worthy, embarrassing mom moment. 

Through all of this drama, Zomdaya has remained the same – silent and seemingly unbothered. Here’s what Zendaya’s mom posted shortly after the fan hysterics.


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Who said it was a good idea to let moms have social media? No disrespect to all the moms out there but THIS is not saying nothing. This post is a petty jab at whoever she’s mad at – fans? Skai Jacksons’ mom? Me? Why me!? This post is just fueling the conversation and the Zomdaya mania. To me, it feels more like a confirmation that there is something going on between Tom and Zendaya that is more than “just friends” because WHY THE SECRECY otherwise? The Just Friends stans swear Zomdaya would never lie to them so they must not be together. The idea that two celebrities wouldn’t dare lie to their fans is ridiculous. Celebrities lie to the public all the time. ALL THE TIME. 

Plus, this isn’t a Lana Condor and Noah Centineo situation where we know that one of them is in a relationship with someone else. It’s similar in that Tom and Zendaya are co-stars who speak very highly of each other but they are both “single,” spend all of their time together, have sleepovers, and hang out with each other’s families. I say this in almost every post about Zomdaya: the Spider-Man: Far From Home press tour is going to be INTERESTING. 

For more information to decipher the will-they-or-won’t-they drama, here’s Tom’s birthday post for Zendaya in which he calls her his “mate.” Like, SOUL MATE, RIGHT? 


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