We’re going through all the stages of teen obsession. First, we watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before as many times as humanly possible (I’m off today and I’m literally watching it again right now, my brand is strong). Then, we did a deep dive into the behind the scenes of the movie, specifically Peter Kavinsky, and came out with an unhealthy fixation on Noah Centineo. Now, the inevitable next step is to interpret every interview and social media interaction between Noah and Lana Condor for clues that they are, just like Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky, soulmates in real life.

Lana Condor and Noah Centineo are probably not dating. I only couched that statement in a “probably” to leave some hope in there for all you Lana/Noah shippers. Lana has mentioned her boyfriend, fellow actor Anthony De La Torre, multiple times in interviews. She’s been sharing anecdotes about how he writes her love letters and everything. Lana Condor is not hiding her boyfriend. Even though Anthony’s account is now private, they still follow each other (thanks for the update, K!) and there is no reason to believe that they aren’t still together. Noah, on the other hand, seems to be happily single, and living it up like single 22-year-old dudes do. Both Lana and Noah aren’t hiding their real relationship statuses but they also don’t seem to mind that fans want them to be together. In fact, they are encouraging it. 

Here are their matching posts from yesterday. 


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Are you squealing? I SQUEALED. Brand is strong. And here’s how they talk about each other in interviews and on social media:


These two are TROLLING us and god, they are already so good at it. I’m impressed. Netflix should be throwing money at these kids. 

Of course, I want Lana and Noah to be together IRL just like every other TATBILB stan but I also know how this sh-t works. They know that fan obsession is good for business. Last week, I wrote about the interview with producer Susan Johnson that revealed that Lana and Noah casually cuddled on set when there were no cameras around. I don’t know how Lana’s boyfriend felt about that, but the post went viral and added more fuel to the fire of hope burning in our hearts that Lana and Noah are meant to be. 

The idea that these two could be together is good for business but I don’t think the reality of it would be. Remember when Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray got married then broke up and effectively ruined any on-screen chemistry Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott ever had? No? What about when Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder split and the Elena/Damon heat just wasn’t the same? Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes were able to keep it professional as Pacey and Joey lived on long after their real-life romance fizzled, but as a fan watching Dawson’s Creek, it was always in the back of my mind that these two actors were broken up yet still had to make out on camera. Awkward.  

Lana is 21. Noah is 22. If they were together, chances are it wouldn’t last. And they’ve still got a sequel (or two) to film. Right now, there’s clearly some sexual tension and flirtation going on between them that resulted in magic on screen. Let’s not encourage them to f-ck that up. I’m good with them being Friends Who Flirt until they’ve shot all the movies and then they can get together when they’re 30 and live happily ever after. Don’t worry, I’m still a delusional stan, I’m just playing the long game.