Jennifer Lawrence is on the promo trail for No Hard Feelings, her upcoming raunchy sex comedy. She’s been working great looks all week, and yesterday in Berlin was no different. 


I am digging this black coat dress with boxy shoulders—it’s a good take on the Eighties strong shouldered silhouette without looking cartoony—and I love the scrunchy sleeves. I’m not totally sold on the mesh undershirt situation—do we think this is a sheer dress with a coat, or is that like, a mesh dickie under the dress? Inquiring minds want to know—but I dig the look. JLaw is coming back strong on the red carpet.

As for that toilet story she told to PEOPLE, about her mom selling her broken toilet online to Lee Eisenberg, creative partner of No Hard Feelings director Gene Stupnitsky, well, it turns out it isn’t true. At least, not the part about Eisenberg buying her toilet online. 


He took to Instagram to clarify things:


Jennifer Lawrence is a known agent of chaos, like Robert Pattinson, so this is a good reminder to not take her stories at face value. 60 Minutes even busted her on a childhood story she made up about having a bum leg. I’m fine with this practice, celebrities are way more fun when they tell wacky stories, we need more Chaos Celebs. I’m not mad at JLaw for making up the toilet story. It was nice to have a news cycle with a wacky JLaw anecdote, just like old times, back in the 2010s. 

Or maybe she just embellished the story? It’s not clear if any part of the story is true, but maybe her mom did sell a broken toilet online. Where JLaw went wrong was providing the specific name of the person who bought it and making it someone connected with the director of her current film. In hindsight, that’s the giveaway. It’s too neat, too pat, for Lee Eisenberg to buy the toilet. She should have left that detail out, no one ever would have questioned it and there would be no one to naysay her version of events. Or maybe she’s just a fan of Jury Duty. Stupnitsky and Eisenberg created that show, which features an all-time toilet gag. Consider this your regular reminder to watch Jury Duty, courtesy Jennifer Lawrence’s at least partially fake toilet story.