This could be a new show…

Nick Kyrgios managed to take a set off Novak Djokovic yesterday but Novak eventually won his fourth straight Wimbledon title. Both of these players are problematic, so I have no further thoughts on the result, I’m just here to talk about Nick’s behaviour in the presence of Big G, aka Prince George. 


It was George’s first time there as he accompanied his parents and he was treated to a classic Nick Kyrgios performance. Nick is the bad boy of tennis. He’s mercurial, controversial, provocative, he has a bad temper, he is wildly talented and sometimes wildly out of control – and when he had no answers for Novak’s game, he lost his temper, complaining about drunk hecklers, and swearing. 

This is not unusual if you’ve been following his career. It is unusual at Wimbledon because, well, the All England Club is already the most pearl-clutchy environment in a country that’s all about clutching pearls…and then you factor in the royals, and a young royal, and whether or not Nick was offside for behaving that way in front of the young prince. He’s now been fined for what happened. This is not the first incident where Nick has lost it during a match, and kids George’s age attend tennis matches all the time. So it’s not necessarily about how old he is…it’s about the fact that he’s of better-than-the-rest-of-us blood, let’s not pretend this isn’t about class. 


But I’m not here to fight over how offensive this was or wasn’t. Instead we’ll stick with the comedy. Because as usual, Twitter had thoughts. 

This one always cracks me up:

And this one because it’s so true. It’s not like Prince Philip didn’t drop an f-bomb in his time: 


You don’t have to go back that far though. 

If you don’t know that reference, let me show you:


The best tweet though, in my opinion? 

Well, exactly. We’re worried about him hearing a few f-cks when he’s related to Prince Andrew? OK. 

Also attached – Tom Cruise was at the men’s final too, still basking in the glory of Top Gun: Maverick. They’re talking about a sequel to the sequel now. Of course they are. When you make that much money, everyone wants more.