We are in what’s culturally known as cuffing season in the west, when temperatures drop and the singles match up during the winter months for companionship until the spring, at which point the cuffs come off and it’s time to get wild again. 


Emily Ratajkowski, however, appears to be resisting the cuff. After all, she’s just come out of the ultimate cuff, which is marriage, and since separating from Sebastian Bear-McClard in the summer, a serious relationship is not the priority right now. 

To recap: back in September, Emrata was first rumoured to be dating Brad Pitt, prompting entertainment outlets to get away ahead of themselves and speculate that they were officially a couple. Until she sh-t on Blonde, the film he produced, and got papped making out with Not Brad Pitt. Then, of course, it was Pete Davidson. That was the storyline last week, and the outlets did it again, making it sound like Emrata and Pete could really be A Thing. 

On Monday night though, Not Brad Pitt whose name is Orazio Rispo, a DJ, was seen arriving at Emrata’s apartment – Page Six has the photos. Which means that whatever it is between her and Pete, it’s definitely not locked down, and as I said last week, why should it be? She is unattached, she enjoys sex, and she’s free to have a lot of sex without attachment should she choose. If that is what’s happening here, what I like about it most is that she appears to not be hiding it. 


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Attached - Emily out yesterday in New York.