Oscar Isaac, a universally beloved celebrity, the internet’s crush, a Twitter favourite, is still on promotion for Moon Knight just a couple of weeks after getting everyone horny in his kilts. Last night he was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, talking about Dune, his cock sock, Star Wars, and the MCU. He’s a good talk show host guest, an enthusiastic storyteller, and cheeky too. He and Stephen clearly enjoy each other. So, you know, more content to add to the spank bank. 


And, well, spanking is kinda the point of this post.

Because Oscar’s been making headlines this week for this spanky moment: 

Can we just put this into context though? Because obviously that’s just 20 seconds of a longer interview which started with the reporter telling Isaac that she was interviewing him… during an earthquake!?! Well, that’s one way to soften up a celebrity. Like they can’t tell you to f-ck off with your personal questions if you’re braving an earthquake to stay in the junket room to do the interview, can they? At least Oscar wouldn’t. Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio, or Jake Gyllenhaal if he’s in one of his curmudgeon moods, but not Oscar. So if you want to see how this went down in context, here’s a longer version and the “Daddy” part comes up around the two minute mark


Anyway…back to your daddy, Oscar Isaac, if that’s what you want to call him, he’s OK with that. 

Which, I mean, I know it’s cultural lingo, this thing where we refer to a hot dude as “daddy”, not in a parenting way but in an unmistakably porny way. And we’re not just talking general sex either. “Daddy” is specifically dominant. A “daddy”, in the culture, and it’s not sexually-specific (gay or straight, the same applies ), is in the desire-domination space – and I’m not saying I don’t enjoy getting off in that space, because I am in the mood sometimes to be manhandled, with consent, and being told what to do, like in that specific setting, again with consent, it can be super hot. But… it’s never been a “daddy” thing for me, I can barely get that word out of my mouth, let alone imagine throwing it around when we’re getting down. 

That said, it’s an interesting conversation to have where sex and social norms intersect because, well, you know, it’s obvious. “Daddy” is not supposed to be your lover. And yet, a “daddy” lover is acceptable cultural speak now, among a generation that is quite socially progressive. Like nobody is fighting about the political correctness of saying “daddy” to someone you want to f-ck. Because, yes, it’s widely understood to not be literal. And yet… it’s still… DADDY, lol forever this whole conversation. 


Where Oscar is concerned too, I mean, he really does fit in well with the celebrity daddy safe zone. Not a problematic celebrity. Universally appealing – to straight women, gay men, co-signed by straight dudes too but not a toxic male, and embraced by the theatre nerds, and you could totally bring him home to your parents. The ideal “daddy” then, if you must. And a real daddy, because this man has kids, yet here we are, on social media, assigning him a different kind of daddy energy.