It’s the beginning of 2019 – let’s check in on two Canadians and their love lives. Should we start with Joshua Jackson? 

It was confirmed back in November that Joshua Jackson is dating Jodie-Turner Smith. Here they are out for dinner the other night. Then they went shopping. He sat and waited patiently while she tried things on. I don’t actually know if he was patient – this is Photo Assumption, he’s smiling, he doesn’t look bored, he doesn’t look how Jacek, my husband, would look in the same situation. Jacek wouldn’t even be IN this situation. In my mind, Josh is just that guy. He wants to see you try on 40 sweaters. He wants you to try on more! Anyway, heads up to start the year – Joshua and Jodie, still on, still happy. 

Moving on to Ryan Gosling…who was initially predicted to be part of the current award season, with First Man, only it didn’t perform well at the box office, and now it’s pretty much out of the race – which is crazy to me because, well, it’s not like there haven’t been other Oscar winners that haven’t made much money. First Man is among the most critically acclaimed films of 2018. Claire Foy’s the only one representing it now on the award circuit and, frankly, as I mentioned yesterday, I feel like she’s only there because people love The Crown. Claire Foy is super talented but that’s not what’s on display in First Man. 

That said, there is a big bonus to First Man not contending – Ryan doesn’t have to campaign, walk the carpets, attend award shows. Since that’s not on his schedule, it’s more time with family. Here he is hiking with Eva Mendes and their kids and other family members. I think I see his mother and sister in that group. Ryan and Eva, as we know, keep their relationship super undercover. So there it is, an update on their status: no change, all good.