Lainey notifies me whenever there are new photos of Timothy Olyphant, because there are so rarely new photos of Timothy Olyphant. That might be why I didn’t realize he has gained so much silver in his hair—Timothy Olyphant has officially reached Silver Fox status. It’s a good look on him. (What isn’t a good look? THAT EARRING. It’s almost a crush killer. The silver hair is doing a lot to offset the earring.) T.O. keeps a really low profile in between gigs, but this is a busy year for this forever bae, with a new season of Santa Clarita Diet, the much prophesied Deadwood movie, voicing a role in Laika’s new movie, Missing Link, and he has a role in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. T.O. rarely works so much, this year is like a newly-minted silver fox bonanza. 

About Santa Clarita Diet. Are you still watching? The first season was okay, but in the third season, which just came out on Netflix a couple weeks ago, SCD has REALLY hit its stride. A big part of that is T.O. getting comfortable with comedy. He was obviously cast to play against his cool-dude, tough guy type, and he has finally nailed the rhythm and tone of doing that. He is HILARIOUS in the third season, which overall is very funny and has a lot of belly-laugh moments. I’m still not sure how long this show can go on—eventually, the suburban mom-zombie situation must be resolved—but for now, SCD has grown into a really enjoyable, quick and easy comedy binge. 

Now, please gaze upon these photos of Timothy Olyphant, Silver Fox, and soothe your soul.