I posted earlier about Mark Wahlberg topping the Forbes list of highest paid actors. Did you know that Adam Sandler came in at #4? Because of his Netflix deal? Adam Sandler makes gold from sh-t .It’s true alchemy.

Ahead of Adam Sander is Vin Diesel who’s ranked at #3, just behind his frenemy, The Rock. The Rock was last year’s #1. This year he’s been taken over by Marky Mark. But he still made $65 million over the last 12 months to Vin’s $54.5. So if there’s still some boy sh-t lingering between them (there is), The Rock can claim that he won this round. Or can he?

Because The Rock? Works WAY harder than Vin Diesel. The Rock works way harder than most people in the business. That’s part of his brand – to be the “hardest worker in the room”. On top of all his movies (he makes so many movies) he also works on Ballers. Vin, meanwhile, well, he’s known for a certain kind of work ethic. Not the kind of work ethic that shows up on inspirational note cards. Still, if you’re Vin, are you like, dude, I f-cked around all year and I still made only (by “only” I mean by their standards) $10 million less than you. Sure. But you can’t monetise a reputation.

Here’s Vin in New York last night trying to pull off a really ugly pair of jeans. I don’t think he passed.