Dear Gossips, 

Rihanna has resurfaced.

You’ll recall, she was expected at the Met Gala on Monday night, and she’d even said in interviews prior to the Met Gala that she’d be wearing something “chill” this year. So we were waiting, as we always do, for her to arrive, expecting that she’d probably be the last, as usual. And it’s not just at the Met Gala. Rihanna has been late for the Golden Globes, for the Oscars… most of the time, lol. 


As I mentioned a few days ago, I appreciated that she sent word to media outlets that she would not in the end be attending the Met Gala this year due to the flu. Because otherwise we’d all still be sitting around waiting. She was in New York, though. Or at least she was last night – here she is outside the Four Seasons last night with A$AP Rocky looking like she’s recovered. 


So I wonder, what will become of the Met Gala outfit? Will we ever see it? Since she couldn’t wear it on Monday, is it being saved for another occasion? Would she tell us when she wears it, if she wears it, that it was the one that was supposed to be for the Met Gala? And how many other people are keeping this secret? Because I really, really want to know who the designer was. Even when she isn’t at the Met Gala Rihanna is still the conversation. 

Yours in gossip,